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Vanilla Ice VS House Flipping

House flipping shows are the perfect filler for when there is nothing on TV. And once you start watching them, you are usually hooked or get stuck watching a marathon of them. But after watching these types of shows for a couple of years now, I have noticed something – Vanilla Ice does it the best. Well, not him, but his show. (And good news, his little eyebrow design has fully grown back in.) Let me explain –

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Potter VS Twilight 4

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Comics VS Women

There is more in common with comic books and women than you might think. When you start out collecting comics there is usually one title that caught your eye. Maybe your older brother had it, and that is all you know of to start from. Same with women. If you are like me, you saw Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High and you wanted to start collecting her. Mentally I guess since that was 20+ years ago. You know, the red bikini out of the pool? Anyways. . . Read More…

Potter VS Twilight 3

Potter VS Twilight 2

Potter VS Twilight 1


Hermione VS Bella

This really isn’t a fair match-up, but who cares. I just want to point out that Kristen Stewart makes the same stupid face everywhere she goes. And that Pot-heads are better than Twi-tards. And also that Kristen Blahface is the man looking boy in Panic Room. One girl sleeps holding her mans hand. The other has a dead guy watch her all night without knowing.

 Bella makes the same face everywhere she goes.

Better Role Model for girls?
And again. . .

 Here is the Emotion Chart – Hermione VS Bella

Role Model Battle One Last Time

Stephanie Meyers is Bella?

 And sometimes she almost smiles!

Advertised VS Actual

Advertised promises VS the crap you take home.
I’m sure you have all seen this before, but I am amazed that more people don’t demand their money back after having the menu picture in front of them after they receive their meal. Oh yeah, and celebrities.

Dr. Suess VS Shakespeare Rap Battle

The Dr. Suess vs Shakespeare Rap Battle.


Mohawk VS Fauxhawk

Guess which one – 
Believes in anarchy – Believes in one size too small shirts
Swears to boycott name brands – Swears by name brand hair product
Has popped a cap in someone – Has popped a collar
Hasn’t showered in 3 days – Has showered 3 times today
Knows how to use a tool – Is a tool
Gets spotted by the police – Gets spotted by his bro at the gym
Slapped a females backside – Is in touch with his feminine side
Uses warehouses with pallets for a bed – Uses only tanning beds with new bulbs
Mocks you for conforming to society – Mocks you for not moisturizing
Thinks political and social stories are a hot topic – Thinks Hot Topic is edgy
Would die for his beliefs – Would die if you spilled your drink on his new shirt
Will never sell out – Will never miss a sale
Can’t stand capitalistic twits – Doesn’t use capitals in his tweets
Questions authority – Questions his sexuality
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