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Where I’ve Been Lately

On my knees. That’s where I’ve been. I recently switched jobs; got back to doing what I am good at. Well, we’ll see about the good part. But the purpose of this post is too share my experience. There have been moments and even days where I have felt completely lost and unsure. Not in faith, but in life changing decisions. It’s not often I get unsure of myself. But the way some opportunities fell and others presented themselves, somethings didn’t feel right. So what did I do?

Went to the temple with my wife. Prayed about it. Now, the details of my conundrum don’t matter. What matters is that my testimony and faith in prayer has been magnified. Mentally and financially there was no way out of my perceived problem. I say perceived because, well, some of the answers I needed were revealed days later. And I mention this because I have a few friends that don’t believe what I do. And I love having those friends. But I came to a conclusion about myself through this.

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Smoking, Vacuuming and Church

This has been on my mind for the past few weeks or so, so now you get to read about it. I was recently privy (still no sarcastic font) to listen to a person recount how their family, or more precisely their children, had fallen away from church and everything they did to try and prevent (ultimately cause) that. I also found a reason to repost this super sexy picture of Miss Hurley. I will explain in a minute.

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The Man and the Birds

For Christmas my dad read a story to the family that I had never heard before, and it perfectly encapsulated what Christmas is in a way that avoids the cliche of someone being greedy, or stuck in their ways. It, to me, clearly illustrates the real meaning of why we celebrate Christmas and the reason we do so.

What follows is the text of the story, and below that a video/audio of Paul Harvey reading it on his radio show. I find it awesome to find things 30+ years later that still inspire me and move me. And at a time when I was over the Christmas bustle, this really snapped me back. Enjoy!

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