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Star Warsdrobe #3


Damn you Goldfinger

C3P0 – If you have a character that knows everything, never offends anyone (I said offend, not annoy), has an app for that and may have a gender preference – what color do you make him? Why gold! Like a golden god.

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Star Warsdrobe #2

I’m a moisture farmer

Luke Skywalker. Jedi Knight. Whiny little baby. When we first meet Luke he is young, optimistic and headstrong, but mostly a cry baby.

Since he is so innocent and pure, we find him dressed in white. Because when you are working on droids, machines and farming all day you want an outfit that is easy to clean.

The white suits him because of his naivety to what is going on around him. The war in the stars. The jedi that everyone knows about, but hasn’t seen in decades. Not knowing the Sand People are really just relatives of the Jersey Shore cast. And we identify with this because we are on this journey for the first time as well and are so dumb as an audience that we need to know who the good guys are.

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Star Warsdrobe #1

May is Star Wars month. It’s when Star Wars entered the world, and when I married my wife, coincidentally, the exact same day. . . Anyways, get ready for a month of light speed observations and overall awesomeness.

The movie(s) I have seen the most are the Star Wars films. Mostly because they are awesome and secondly because they are awesome. So I have noticed a few things about them. Here’s is the first one to share.

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Can You Be A Server?

You know who makes a lot of money? CEO’s and pharmaceutical reps. But being a server or waitress or culinary assistant is just as much fun. Except for the look. You either conform to the corporate policy, or you work at a fancy restaurant. It’s hard not to notice, but in case you missed it, there is a very specific look to be a server or waitress. And the higher class the restaurant, the cheaper the look becomes. In my head it should be reversed, but I will break it down for you.

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