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My Dark Passenger

monkey_middle_finger_20100104_1363225097Up front I want to be clear that this isn’t a post about my black friend I carpool with to work everyday. If it was, it would have been titled Fatboy & Leroy.  And it would have detailed our repetitive arguments over why he insists on listening to rap on the way to work when we all know he is a closet country fan.  Or how he thought I was mocking the month of February because I was low riding my pants.  But this is totally not about that.

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Can You Buy The N-Word?

This isn’t a post to justify saying the n-word. So relax. While driving in the car the other day a song came on the radio that was edited so you didn’t hear the dreaded word. And I got to thinking – Is it OK for me, a typical suburban white man, to sing along to every lyric in a song, that includes that word?

The only time you hear that word is in songs or movies anymore. If it’s in a movie it’s to let you know that whoever said it is really really racist and white, or a gangsta. But in songs, it’s used in choruses, verses and sometimes even the persons name. If you are an artist, and I use that term loosely since we are talking about rap here, don’t you want your song replayed and memorized and sang along to? I would think so.

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