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Site Update – Awesome

Update – I am awesome. Just pretend I said that extremely humble. I started this site to post my thoughts, and to see if anyone else shared my sense of humor. It turns out more than I thought do. What has really surprised me over the past 5 months is what the most popular posts are.

This might be long winded and poorly edited, but I just wanted to say something about this little adventure so far. It has opened doors for me, opened paths I didn’t know existed and opened my perspective on numerous things. I just wanted to share a few tidbits about this site.

Far and away anything religious is almost double anything else as far as unique page views. They are passed around and linked to within hours. And I don’t think it is necessarily because they are LDS in nature. I think it is because they are real and something I truly believe in. And it shows. As much fun as pictures and videos and lists can be, people still want to read something that they can relate to, that is real and honest. My friends, both real and online, that have blogs, I find that I read the ones more often that are personal or even religious. And not even Mormon ones. There are so many similarities between the different religions that is nice to see how close we really all are. Ultimately we are taking different paths to the same destination. So if you are one of those people, keep it up. I love reading them. Read More…

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