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Vasect & Me


Heading to the hospital for a vasectomy, in my mind, is a lot like what starting a diet must feel like. The next part is going to suck, but it is going to be AWESOME using the end results. Just a brief highlight of the experience –

Two days prior my wife took me to go find some tight man panties to hold me in place afterwards. I haven’t worn anything. . . tight? . . . in probably 16 years. I do not understand how men wear these when they don’t have to. It feels like part of me is in time out wearing them.

When my mom and dad both asked about the surgery, they wanted to know how long it would take. When I told them maybe 20 minutes they were shocked. I explained that it was a scalpel-less procedure done while I was awake. They asked how the pain would be. I explained that they do a local anesthetic on the area. It took both parents, at separate times, exactly 30 seconds to make the ‘numb nuts’ joke. This apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

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Ten Worst Gifts For Vasectomy Patient


The Top Ten Worst Gifts To Give A Vasectomy Patient.
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