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With the current presidential debates, a lot of people have been digging into the LDS faith, or Mormons as I ustacould type it. Which is fine. I even read a great article about it at A Well Behaved Mormon Woman. The post points out that a few people are attracting attention from, I hate to use the word, journalists, and they are saying or doing things that aren’t really quite LDS. Which is fine since they stopped whipping us for any descent back in the 60’s.*

What it made me think about is how few people rarely will stand up and just say flat out what they believe when asked a question. Especially with the election and debates coming up. I have noticed people shy away from straight answers about topics like abortion, pussy-footing their way through their answer so they don’t offend anyone. Personally, I like to re-phrase the question before I answer it to ‘Do I like killing babies? No, I don’t.’ Are there medical loop holes or rare what if questions to change that answer? Sure, but I don’t need to play what if to give my answer. I know that has zero tact, but hey, I also hide behind a picture of a monkey with a gun. . . I’m for not spending money on an alien invasion gun, but if aliens really happen to start invading us, of course I want an alien invasion gun.

What I don’t understand is how can people who believe something and then back down from questions or give such weak answers like they are trying to get elected? This is happening with people in general, not just religious people. (I’d say spiritual if I felt like being PC, but I don’t.) When they talk about certain topics they will give half of their answer and then immediately pad it with a million exceptions of how that isn’t their answer if this this and this happens. For example –

Are you against illegal immigration? I am, well unless they are working or have kids or if they aren’t causing problems or if they have a house or blah blah blah. – I’ll save you some time here. Next time just say I’m an idiot and I am for illegal immigration. You’re not an idiot for being for it, just an idiot for contradicting yourself with exceptions listed after your answer. (And this post has nothing to do with immigration or abortion, BTW) If you have so little confidence in your own position or answers, you shouldn’t even bother talking about big boy topics.

What is the point of sharing your side if you are too scared of your own position? What does that say about you? That you stand firm unless it offends someone? That it’s not worth getting involved in a serious debate if you have to actually do a little studying or reflecting on yourself and what you believe?

What I miss are the group of people that would just say whatever the hell they thought and let the chips fall where they may. With them I always know where I stand and how they feel. And those are typically the people you remain friends with the longest.

*If you don’t know that’s a joke, please don’t vote or speak in public.

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