Gangnam Style

I go away for a month and the general population takes a nose dive in taste. And I wouldn’t had noticed until some grown supposed man pointed it out to me. I was sitting at work and an adult – a man with a wife and children and cars and insurance and some golf shirts from Sears circa 1986 – leaned over with his phone laughing and said you have to watch this. And it was one of these damn gangnam videos. And he thought this was brilliant. When I didn’t laugh with the few other people watching it they asked why? My answer – Because I only make fun of stereotypes and races and women and Twilight.

From what I can tell, there are three types of this virus strain. The first is Handicapped Vogue. There is a popular video, among fans of The Ellen Show, of a mom who took the time with her high functioning autistic son and taught him how to vogue with her.

Then in the tradition of special needs people on American Idol, America’s Got Talent and any other show that America gets to vote for – The Asians invented line dancing for the mentally challenged. It is amazing what joy you can bring to uncoordinated people that just want to dance like everyone else. (At the 2:30 mark the whole short bus gets up and dances together.)

And since technically strippers are basically socially retarded, they jumped on the bandwagon as well.

It is time that we stop pointing and laughing at the less fortunate in the East, and time we applaud them for finding creative ways to keep them busy other than serving fries at McDonald’s.

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